Not all sculptures are always in stoc​k but they can be made to order for collection either from Basingstoke or an event listed on the events page.

Plaques can be put on any design by request 

Solar lights can be added to most designs.

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Fish Hook and Whale Tail

The Fish Hook represents prosperity, abundance and good health. Combined with the Whale Tail gives protection , speed and strength.

It represents safe travel over water and respect for the sea and all life within it. And it has the meaning of the close bond between animal and human.

The Fish Hook

The fish hook represents good health, wealth, abundance and power. It's considered good luck for travelling over water and it gives respect for the sea and all life in it.

Teardrop (Roimata)

The teardrop (also known as the Comfort Stone)represents healing, comfort, reassurance and positive energy. 

Having the koru within it represents that new beginnings will present themselves when the time is right after a difficult time in life.

Having the wave within the teardrop shows that when the time is right you will be shown how to move forward after your difficult time.

The Teardrop (Roimata)

The teardrop (also known as the Comfort Stone) represents healing, comfort, reassurance and positive energy.

It can be given as a gift of reassurance that you will be by a person's side during their time of need.

The Koru

The Koru represents new beginnings, growth, strength and peace.

It very much symbolises positive change and awakening. It is associated with new life, harmony and starting a new phase in life.

Having the teardrop within the Koru reminds us of what we have gone through getting to this new phase of life we are moving into.

The double Koru also represents the close bond between siblings, especially twins.


Fish represents abundance and good health. Combined with the koru shows new beginnings, growth, strength and peace. Great for recovering from an illness or starting a new chapter in your life.

Whanau (Family)

'Whanau' (family) represents the strong bond of love, unity and protection among the family, including extended family and loved ones. The love and support given to and by whanau.

The Heart

The Heart represents love, emotional balance, compassion and generosity. A heart is given to someone who is considered totally self-less and who makes life better having them part of it.

Also depicted in this sculpture is the love between two people and the love, protection and nurturing needed to sustain a relationship including friendships.

Parent and Child

This sculpture depicts the love and protection between a parent and child.

New beginnings, growth and strength is shown in the small koru and the older koru is giving protection and love.

The nurturing and love given by an elder to help the young grow.

The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame symbolises the eternity of life itself.

The love that fuels life and the abundance of all that is needed to sustain life.

The path of life 

The path of life represents the twists and turns that life takes but it carries on regardless. 

With the two Korus at the top it represents the coming together of two people on that path and the love between them.

Having the Heart in it represents the love found along that path, especially of family(including extended family and loved ones).

The Wave shows the ability to be able to move forward on that path, especially when feeling stuck.

The Whale Tail

The Whale Tail represents protection, speed and strength. It represents respect for the sea and all life within it. Great for safe travels over water. It also represent a close bond between animals and humans.

The Twist (Pikorua)

The twist represents the coming together of people, communities and cultures.

The path of life carries on regardless with all its twists and turns. It shows the coming together of people whether  the relationship is blood, friendship or love and how their paths keep crossing, even when they move apart and throughout their life times. 

Whereas the single path of life represents two people coming together, the twist is more of a representation of people, communities and cultures coming together.

The Circle of Life

The circle of life shows that life has no beginning and no end and it represents inner harmony and balance. Having the wave within it shows power, purpose and moving forward in the right direction.

The Koru within it shows growth, love, positive change and awakening.

The sculptures highly represents peace, tranquillity and spirituality.

The Wave

The wave represents power, purpose and direction along with tranquillity of the mind. It is very cleansing and intuitive and represents moving forward with life


Harmony represents purity, balance, calmness and spiritual awareness. It is showing that life is a balance of all of the 4 elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air.  The Eternal Flame being the Fire, The Teardrop being the Water, The Koru comes from the Earth and the negative space representing the air.

Tea Lights

Back Row

Feather/Eagle representing leadership, power, strength, vision & the ability to connect with the divine.

Koru/Unicorn representing love, growth, new beginnings, purity & innocence.

Heart/Bear representing love, compassion, courage, strength & confidence.

Wave/Wolf representing power, direction, clarity of the mind, instinct, freedom & intelligence.

Horse Shoe/Grasshopper representing good luck, prosperity & forward thinking.

​Front Row

Whale Tail/Elephant representing protection, strength, wisdom, strength & power.

Wave with Koru/Horse representing power, direction, new beginnings, freedom, strength & personal drive.

Fish Hook/Monkey representing good health, prosperity, abundance & energy.

Dove representing abundance, brotherhood, protection, peace, love & hope.

Circle of Life/ Butterfly representing balance, life has no beginning and no end, transformation & grace.

Stone Creations and INZHO have collaborated to make a tea light collection. We have combined the meanings of INZHO's Native American spirit animals with Stone Creation's Maori meanings.

Please go to for more information on her handmade candles.

Music collection

Yin and Yang

Representing two halves bringing balance to lives and the universe as a whole. Yin and Yang is also the starting point for change.